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Yes. Since 1981.
Jan 2008

Elizabeth is Byline Magazine’s ‘Writing for Children’ columnist. Her books include John Muir and Stickeen: An Alaskan Adventure, The ABC’s of Writing for Children, A Writer’s Digest Featured Book Club Selection, and Curtain Call, drama games for teachers and parents to use with children. Her humorous books for children are: Louise the One and Only, You're Kidding! Incredible Facts About the Presidents, Help! My Life is Going to the Dogs, and Wish Magic. Another true story about a dog (her favorite subject) will be released in 2009.

More than 350 of her articles have been published in periodicals such as Writer’s Digest, Parents Magazine, Instructor, and the San Francisco Examiner. She taught educators through California State University Hayward’s Education/Extension Department for ten years, followed by teaching classes through UC Santa Cruz Extension at the Cupertino Campus until the writing and arts programs were eliminated. A former elementary and middle school teacher, Liz has degrees in children’s theater and education. Currently she’s the chairperson of California Writers Club Young Writers Middle School Contest.


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