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And yet...


I've yet to look into your eyes,

I've yet to touch you,

I've yet to know the comfort of your breath

or the sound of your voice.

And yet...I have.


I've yet to stroll with you along city streets,

my hand tucked safely in yours as you share your world with me.

I've yet to sit across from you in a quiet café,

captivated by your smile and the stories of your childhood.

And yet...I have.


In my dreams I've spent a thousand starlit nights in your arms,

serenaded by your songs of love;

you've traced the outline of your name in my soul,

each caressing curve and stroke of your hand an answered prayer.

We've danced through fields of gold,

our bodies warmed by the sun's sweetest kiss;

casting wishes upon passing clouds, and

whispering promises I know we'll never keep.

And yet...


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Wonderful work, ER

Sometimes, though, the flesh and blood never lives up to the dream. I hope you find it does.