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Future Dreams

Future Dreams

There are
    deeper joys
brighter stars
    than you have ever dreamed
more glowing
celestial firmaments
more exotic
and wisdoms
that shine forth
      from the eyes
to presage
rain-washed and
sun-bathed high tech paradise
    a computer in every room
    a halo round every head
and plenty of meaningful
jobs to do
to clean up and maintain our
planet Earth
our once and future Eden

All is now
about to begin
This painful wreckage
of the past
is now
      at an end
All these preachers
of repentance
and other fools
all these teachers of
       hate and corruption
    at their altars
all these ego-driven
prophets of doom
     these suicide enchanting demons
    in sacral vesture
all these
disciples of greed
and bankers
of despair
    have had their day.
They all got it wrong
and what carnage it was.

There will be
no more songs of hate
nor more tears of grief
for the former things
         will have passed away.

Only now a moment
          two thousand years
and now
just a moment
A few hiccups
a few bumps in the road
a few
    subtle adjustments to
    the psyche of humankind
and then
the all glorious future
will be laid at our feet.

This time we will
behave ourselves.
There will be
no more
Celestial Angels
raped and hung on crosses.
Got that, Earthlings?!