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Richmond, VA
Shari Cordon
Jun 2008

Eliezer Sobel was the Editor-in-Chief of The New Sun Magazine in the '70s, and the Wild Heart Journal more recently. He is the author of a memoir, The 99th Monkey, a novel, Minyan, (winner of the Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel), Wild Heart Dancing and the Manual of Good Luck. HIs short story, Mordecai's Book, won the New Millennium Prize for Fiction, and his short stories and articles have appeared in TIKKUN Magazine, Yoga Journal, The New Age Journal, Quest Magazine, and numerous others. For many years Sobel led intensive creativity workshops and retreats at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and similar venues in the US. He lives in Richmond, Va. with his wife, Shari Cordon, and three cats. See also www.the99thmonkey.wordpress.com


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Interests & Hobbies

classical guitar, piano, ecstatic dance, visionary art, painting, silent retreat, meditation, Buddhism, Zen, Kabbalah, mysticism.