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History professor Scott presents a comprehensive biography of his extraordinary aunt, Natalie Scott, a writer, nurse, and philanthropist. Born in 1890 to a practical father and an idealistic mother, Natalie excelled academically, entering New Orleans' Newcomb College as a 15-year-old freshman and graduating at 18. She became Louisiana's secretary of the World War I Council of National Defense, a "clearinghouse for women's war service," and was appointed by American Red Cross Director Dr. Alexander Lambert to be his secretary in Paris. By 1918 she became "a veteran war nurse" and was awarded France's Croix de Guerre for heroism. A cultural force in the French Quarter Renaissance's creative arts community in the 1920s, Natalie became an acclaimed writer and journalist expatriate in Mexico, then served in World War II Red Cross posts in Europe and the Pacific. Filled with excerpts from Natalie Scott's letters and writings and enlivened by John Scott's family insights, this intriguing record of a varied and unusual life and portrait of an outstanding woman will draw readers with diverse interests.
— Whitney Scott