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The Lighthouse

I know you're here. I feel your presence still.

Remember? You asked, "How can that be?"

You wondered if you ever would.

I told you that you will.

You asked if life was over then,

the price that earth had cost.

But now once more you've seen again,

the ones you feared you'd lost.

Again, how can that be?

To see us here,

and still be there.

That miracle is not mine.

The Father is who welcomes you,

into his realm on high.

He loves you for your friendship,

and sharing with who came by.

You knew the needs of loyalty,

you understood conditions,

just what it takes to stay that course,

regardless of ambitions.

And now you know that life goes on,

you know it's not the end.

You and I will meet again,

my dear forever friend.