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9-11 Memorial Tapestry

I'm posting the 9-11 Memorial Tapestry, my own part in the project, was the actual title block, 9-11, as a reminder to myself what can still happen to us in America because of the hatred of others toward us. The 9-11 block was my very first tapestry. I had only started teaching myself tapestry weaving, and had joined an online tapestry-interest group. When asked if I would participate with a tapestry I put myself down, answering that I was only a beginner, and was teaching myself. Monique Lehman asked, "Can you make a 9-11?" Of course I could. What was I thinking? And so, I did. Participants from many countries stepped up to weave their own thoughts and feelings into a tapestry to be shared by everyone. How could I say no?