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My new-to-me car


It's Mother's Day. That's a good thing, but it's not what touched me deeply today.

My car was in dreadful shape, but being in a somewhat limited financial condition I had no actual hope of bettering my transportation options in the near future.

One of my sons and his wife had, for some time, been on the lookout to improve this state of affairs for me, and had been trying to find a dependable car in good condition that they could get for me. They would raise part of the money by selling my “old thing” and adding a bit more $$$. Apparently they thought that I should not be a safety hazard to other drivers on the streets. Finding something that would actually be safe to drive away from town would be a bonus.

Just this last week they chanced upon a car that is not only safe to drive locally, but can be relied upon to make it across country. If they could manage to arrange to buy this car, I would be able to take a trip by myself now and then.

They had been told of a sweet lady who is ready to move into a retirement home where transportation is provided as part of the amenities. Selling her low-milage, mint condition car, would be a necessity. Her keys have already been taken from her for her own safety as well as for the safety of others, and she planned to sell her car at a laughably low price. She could get more if she advertised the car, or took bids, but she wanted the car to benefit someone else. She doesn't need the money.

My son and wife heard about this and moved quickly to buy the car. They did raise part of the price from selling my old wreck and added the balance from their own pockets.

This lovely car, in almost perfect condition, has come to me as a Mother's Day gift. It has set me free again. That alone is reason for rejoicing. But it isn't the only important thing I'll remember about receiving the gift of this car.

This wonderful lady left special, small personal items in the car for me. Some tapes, ice and snow scrapers, and most importantly, a pair of red mittens that she bought in Wisconsin some years ago. She told my daughter-in-law that she wanted the lady who will be driving her car to have warm hands in cold weather.

Whenever I think about the day that so much was given to me from the hearts of my son and his wife, I'll also remember the lady who worried that my hands would be cold when scraping snow and ice from my car windows, and made certain they would be warm by giving me red mittens from Wisconsin.