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Wilderness Hotel

Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Finnish Spies, is available at amazon.com, Kindle download, at a very reasonable price, as well as in paperback form, and at lulu.com in both forms.

Annika is a girl in the mid 1800's, who came to Minnesota in America, with her parents. The book give the reader a view through the eyes of Annika of how life was back in those days. But Annika was also a girl with spirit, in more ways than one. She was a child who was rescued by Poppa, from one of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Russian groupes of native peoples after an accident killed her natural parents, a Saami Shaman, and his young wife.

The Saami, or Sami, are the indigenous people who live in the far north of Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola Penisula of Russa, or, where I call, the top of those countries. They are the northernmost lands that are still populated with people who were/are, for the most part, a nomatic people who herded reindeer, (the only peoples who are still legally allowed to do so), coastal fishermen, fur trapers and sheep herders. Sometimes these interesting people are referred to as Lapp, but this word is an insult, because the meaning is that the people wear rags that are/were, dirty and patched.

Annika, still a tiny newborn, was saved by her father, a young Swedish military officer and taken home to his young wife. 

Annika does not look like her Swedish family. Some of the situations in the Annika books are attributed to that difference in her appearance, her unusual insights, and her intuition, and account for many of her attitudes and actions. 

The book(s) is/are good for young girls, ages 10 - 13, because of Annika's age and the ages of her friends, her adoption into a family she does not look like at all, and her adventurous and daring behavior. She gets to be a hero in this book, (and the following ones), she surmounts difficult and dangerous situations and comes out victorious. Annika learns lessons about the importance of honesty, bravery, kindness, differences in people, and how to relate her own position to others in a way that is helpful in understanding herself.

Adventure and mystery books, and books about bravery, are not only for boys, and I hope that young girls who love to read will enjoy this book and my second one, in the works at this very time, Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Intruder.

Annika is an adventurous girl, but she learns lessons for living, all while being her interesting and spiritual self, as only a girl who sees the auras of people, and has the instincts as the natural daughter of a Sami Shaman to help guide her through her trials and tribulations. As only a girl like Annika can, she emerges victorious. This is a book for girls 10 - 13, who know that girls can solve problems, have adventures, and be heroes.