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A SCANDINAVIAN FAIRY TALE FOR YOU: AASA'S BOAT Once upon a time, long, long, ago, in Frozen Kingdom, far, far, away, lived a little girl named Aasa. The land was so far away it took longer than one year to get there. First a boat must be built from rough, hand hewn logs. Later, huge sails to catch...
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The Spirt in The Garden
DANCING BETWEEN THE NOTES I listen to music. I listen to music a lot. I listen to music while I'm writing books, while weaving tapestry, while cooking, or just when I'm often removed from the world in my mind. Sometimes I listen to music all day and all evening and sometimes I leave music playing...
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Cover image - Annika at Wilderness Hotel - The Intruder
I’ve written about photography before. Since then I’ve searched for ways to learn how to use my “new”, (I’ve had the it longer then anything should be sitting in a bag without being used at all), camera. It’s an Olympus Digital Camera, the E-450. I love it. What I really mean is, I’d love to love...
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I'm back at it, and excited to be writing my new book for girls, Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Intruder. It too, will be on Amazon Kindle, and lulu.com, like its predecessor, Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Finnish Spies, with the same list of characters, and at a very reasonable price. Annika...
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Wilderness Hotel
Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Finnish Spies, is available at amazon.com, Kindle download, at a very reasonable price, as well as in paperback form, and at lulu.com in both forms. Annika is a girl in the mid 1800's, who came to Minnesota in America, with her parents. The book give the reader a...
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Cala Lily - An Elaine Deyo tiny tapestry measuring 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches.
Well, let me list just some of the ways that you can own wonderful original art and fine craft. Let me tell you how you can afford to hang one-of-a-kind paintings, fine tapestries, (many weeks were in the weaving of them); on your walls, display gorgeous sculpture on your fireplace mantle, and have...
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My new-to-me car
RED MITTENS FROM WISCONSIN It's Mother's Day. That's a good thing, but it's not what touched me deeply today. My car was in dreadful shape, but being in a somewhat limited financial condition I had no actual hope of bettering my transportation options in the near future. One of my sons and his wife...
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OPEN A DESIGNER PIE SHOP - Operate it with just two people!
 Today I'm thinking about how so many people have lost their jobs, and how terrifying that must be. Some years ago I wanted a separate "money-making" source , and since my famiy was in the small hotel and food business, I devised a plan to put the $$$ in my own pocket for a change. I...
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Annika At Wilderness Hotel
I'M BACK I haven't been writing my blog for awhile. Complications in life have temporarily slow me down, but I'll be adding to my blogs again soon. I especially will resume examining my childhood, as in WHEN I WAS A KID. I've learned important things about myself by letting myself remember my...
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Everything is a go. I've edited my book very carefully. I've checked, and checked again. I'm ready to publish! Hooray!! I'm a self-publisher. Editing my own work is the only way open to me at this stage in my writing. I may never achieve what I want in any other way. At least I'll be able to hawk...
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REFLECTIONS - Original Tiny Tapestry by Elaine E. Deyo
DANCING THROUGH LIFE Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and I know many people will be dancing when the clock strikes midnight, flipping time over to 2009. I won’t be dancing this year. I haven’t danced in a long time, at least not in public. It’s not because I can’t dance. I dance by myself in my house....
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Designer Pie Shop - Two To Operate
My DESIGNER PIE SHOP book is ready. This small business appropriate for two people, a couple, two friends, retired couple, easy to operate, low-cost start-up! Order at lulu.com
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F.C. Larson's Hardware Store
WHEN I WAS A KID - Eight Christmas When I was a kid, Christmas was very important. It was the highlight of my year. We practiced our "pieces" for the Christmas skit at church. It was usually a one-liner, but it seemed to be too much for me when I was small, and putting my assigned five...
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OATMEAL BY CANDLELIGHT One of my granddaughters, three and three-fourths years of age, along with her dad and mom, came to visit the first weekend in October. For whatever reason, she and her older sister think that I make the best oatmeal in the world. I suspect it’s because they have been used...
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Johnson Avenue
WHEN I WAS A KID - Six Veterans Day When I was a kid, the significance of Armistice Day, now Veterans Day, was not completely apparent to me. But we were taught in school that the red paper flowers sold that day, the poppies, began with a poem written by a Canadian World War I Colonel, John McCrae...
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