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Branson, Missouri
Been there, done that, don't want to do it again. Widow.
Jan 2008

For me, it's a case of having too many irons in the fire at once, as is usual. I have  five new books lined up, 1) Annika at Wilderness Hotel - The Intruder, for girls, 2) The Kansas City Marvels - Where's Carmine, 3) Eva Wynn-Rogers Small Hotels Mystery - Red on Red, 4) Baker Boy Bread Boutique - How to Open With Just Two, and 5) Eva Wynn-Roger's Small Hotels Mystery - The Sprit in The Garden. Each book is in a different stage, with two almost completed. The enjoyable task of weaving five tapestries as cover image for each occupies the remainder of my present time.  

My writing background includes writing newspaper advertizing for restaurants, hospitality and  real estate, employee manuals and guides, and designing many restaurant menus. I've written eight books.  1) The Kansas City Marvels - The FBI Briefcase, 2) The Kansas City Marvels - The Seven Diamonds, 3) Annika At Wilderness Hotel - The Finnish Spies, 4) Eva Wynn-Rogers Small Hotels Mystery - The Lodge of The Four Winds, 5) Eva Wynn Rogers Small Hotels Mystery - A Wedding Crusie on The Blue Moon, 6) Open A Designer Pie Shop with Only Two, 7) Open A Designer Soup, Sandwich and Salad Shop with Only Two, and 8) Open A Designer Cookie Shop with Only Two.  I taught myself screenplay writing have written four.  I wrote articles for a foreign fiberarts magazine (Echoes), and a local travel related magazine (TravelHost).

My working experience of twenty-five years management in small to medium size hotels, and in restaurants, provides me with a rich source of authentic background for my books.

All books are availible as soft cover and e-book at:  http://www.lulu.com, and http://www.amazon.com.   


A career of more than twenty-five years in the food and hospitality business has prepared me for authentic platforms to set my Eva Roger's Small Hotels Mysteries upon. That and a childhood of standing outside the norm in my community, in small town Minnesota, populated by first and second generation, impassive, Scandinavian Lutherans. I was the "wild child", one of the girls with an unjustified bad repuation, the outspoken noncomformist, practically run out of town because of my views.

Upcoming Works

Watch for the first volume of my series, Eva Roger"s Small Hotels Mysteries, available October 2008, at lulu.com. First, let me assure you of this: I considered for many days, struggled even, to decide whether I should tell my personal stories, my adventures, to complete strangers. I wondered, will I be judged as naive? Will some find my actions inappropriate? For a while I thought, no, don't tell. My life should be private. How many people will understand a "woman of undetermined age" leading a dangerous and exciting life? Can strangers, like you, relate? I think I'm a normal woman. But will some find my actions unseemly? Will I appear to be unladylike? Outrageously out of character for one my age and position in society, which is unremarkable, given that I'm everyday, born to an everyday family, living an everyday life? Even I have trouble believing that I'm someone who attracts danger, intrigue, and nefarious characters posing as upstanding citizens. But I do. All I ask is that you don't judge me. A solid core of danger–loving recklessness rocks through me. It can't be ignored any more than a strange capacity to sense things that others cannot. But that sense isn't precise, so it is often useless. I certainly don't know how I came by it. I don't want it, but it insists on being. My stories will serve to acquaint you with the real me, a woman who was often misunderstood by my family, and by those in my own social class, and the new friends who share my misadventures. I've changed their names and mine, as well as places, dates, events and the timing of them. Therefore, Eva Roger's Small Hotels Mysteries are works of fiction. Right?



Interests & Hobbies


I was a multiple-harness weaver for many years and I loved it. I eventually shifted to finer and closer warp setts, always wanting the woven structure to provide me with more. I developed an intricate method, using  an ancient weave structure, that can produce picture-like images. 

As a felting artist, in 1997, I developed a technique that resembles watercolor painting. I named my unique technique "Watercolor Technique Art Felts". 

I'm a TAPESTRY ARTIST. I use a very fine warp of linen, and close warp setts of 22 to 26 ends per inch, to produce tiny and small tapestries. For my present and future books, I have/will weave original tapestries to use as the image on my book covers. This, I believe, is unique in the world of book writing.

I write incessantly, and spend a great deal of time researching for my books.