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The Day I became an Activist

It was with fury that I heard Ohio's Govenor Ted Strickland announce that he was quartering the fund for Ohio's libraries. WHAT!! Did he not know, that in doing so, he was slowly clamping off the artery that fed Ohio's brain? I guess Strickland wants Ohioans to become a bunch of robotic idiots so he can rule them all. If he keeps it up, how will the state survive? Our factories, our jobs are gone; must we lose our brains too? Strickland is a moron, and you can believe that I won't be voting for him/it next election. Maybe I should send him/it a copy of Bradbury's "Fahrenhite 451" but I doubt very highly that Strickland is even literate. Next on his/it's cut list:Ohio's schools.