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You'd never think to look at me that I suffer from a constant, searing ache.

I can't bend over, sit, stand, walk or lie down for too long or I suffer.(which being a nurse makes it impossible to work)

No medication works except for narcotics.

At one time, it was decided that those suffering from intractable pain would be able to control the administration of narcotics. It was meant to free people from the concern of "hey, I'm running low on OxyContin. I'd better get some or I'll be worthless this weekend and I got some big plans."

You see, most people who suffer from chronic pain RARELY get addicted and this plan was based on that.

Then, Rush Limbaugh came along and blew everything out of the water.

I suffer from migraines, firomyalgia, and I have a spinal tumor. Yes, I hurt.

Sometimes the pain is so bad all I can do is cry. It's especially bad in spring or fall when it's wet and cold.

I have Rush to thank because when his little addiction came to light every person with M.D.or D.O. after their name began playing their license close to the vest and stopped giving the narcotics so freely.

I have been told "No you can't have any narcotics you'll get addicted"

The AMA has told me basically "Because of what Rush Limbaugh did you're going to have to suffer because we can't risk losing our licenses because you SAY you're in pain.".

If only my pain could be seen, like bloody tears running down my face, would you ease my pain then,Doctor? I'm no actor. I will never win a Tony, Emmy, Bafta or Oscar for acting like I'm in pain.

But they won't believe me because pain can't be seen, and we all know addicts playact very well to get narcotics, so my limping and my tears mean NOTHING.

One doctor even called me a "drug seeker" to my face when I went to the urgent care clinic for help.

Maybe I should start growing poppies,asphodel and mandrakes.

Death would be preferable to this.

Thanks for the misery, Rush.