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Rouge Rogue in Red Room? (say 5x real fast!)

If you've been reading my blogs then you know I've developed a minor obsession with a French Pop star who calls himself -M-. (if you don't know about this, I'll give you time to go back and read it. *humming* You back? ok, to continue)

Not sure what he was singing about I decided to give myself French lessons. In the middle of the night.

How? I hear you ask?


I loaded my dvd player with Harry Potter movies, and kicked on the French captions.

Simplesse,non? (ok, if I just said something dirty, tell me.)

I found something interesting.

The French like to pronounce things properly so they will try to find the best way to translate.

Apparently, they couldn't translate "Snape" into French so what did the caption read?

Professor ROGUE!!

To an Alan Rickman fan like me, I find this hysterical.

You see, my screen name is Ginger Snape.

I have red hair and I like Severus Snape hence the name.

I guess if I talk about -M- would I have to call myself "Rouge Rogue"?


Just one more thing to think about.