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There's an 80's tribute band that performs in a few bars in my area. I started going to these shows dressed in some 80's looking clothes(even if I had saved the stuff from the 80's it wouldn't have fit) that I bought at Hot Topic. It was around the time of the second event that it happened. My mind...
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If you've been reading my blogs then you know I've developed a minor obsession with a French Pop star who calls himself -M-. (if you don't know about this, I'll give you time to go back and read it. *humming* You back? ok, to continue) Not sure what he was singing about I decided to give myself...
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Last night, I said "buhbye" to my teetotler status and bought myself a bottle of wine, an opener, a glass, and a box of chocolates. I sat naked on the couch in my living room of the house I shared with my parents. I listened to 80's music, ate the entire box of candy, drank the whole...
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You'd never think to look at me that I suffer from a constant, searing ache. I can't bend over, sit, stand, walk or lie down for too long or I suffer.(which being a nurse makes it impossible to work) No medication works except for narcotics. At one time, it was decided that those suffering from...
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Since 1982, I have been trying desperately to stem my so-called euromania. Back then, my dad, a Korean war vet, would complain bitterly to my mom that he fought to keep America free and how did his only child thank him? By walking around in leather pants and frilly, poofy shirts while talking in a...
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The bed in my bedroom is a twin-sized bed which is pushed up against the wall. On the bed against the wall is a blue bolster pillow with a assortment of teddy bears all named after characters played by Alan Rickman. Ridiculous, right? Your humble blogger went out and did something really stupid....
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On April 10th of this year, I lost my hero. My mom. It may sound weird that my mom was my hero, but I always thought she was cool. She had dark red hair and blue eyes. She always smelled of Max Factor pancake makeup and Avon's "Moonwind" perfume. She was probably the last woman in America...
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It was with fury that I heard Ohio's Govenor Ted Strickland announce that he was quartering the fund for Ohio's libraries. WHAT!! Did he not know, that in doing so, he was slowly clamping off the artery that fed Ohio's brain? I guess Strickland wants Ohioans to become a bunch of robotic idiots so...
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