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Writing in the tropics

Writing in the tropics is a lot like writing just about anywhere. Of course it never gets cold and sometimes gets hot, and the lushness inspires me, but other than that, the writing day goes on quite the same.

Here, however, I do find it easier to wake early and start in working. The mornings are a wonderful time to work. The air is fresh and the fishing boats are coming back upriver from chasing shrimp all night. 

Cambodia is an early morning place, for the most part. Today, before starting work, I hopped on the motorbike and ran to the market for fruit. Even at 7:30 most of the stores were open and doing a booming business, and of course the market had been open for some time. Now that I think of it, I am not sure what the hours are at the market. I only know that if you go too late, things can get sold out. It isn't a great place to shop in the afternoon. 

But home again I can settle in and write. Well, there are distractions, of course, and days when I seem to talk myself out of serious work. And I like to stop in the afternoon to swim in the river. But then the tropics are a nice place to not write, as well. 


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Northeast Kingdom

I've been here in Vermont so long, I find it difficult to write when to temperature soars to anything over 50F.

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re: temperature

In many parts of the developing world, air-conditioners are plentiful. You might even find it inspiring to enjoy the seabreeze over a cool drink with a notebook and pen, ready to accommodate the words that you have in mind or have yet to think of.


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All true. I tend to avoid air con, except in a city, as it shuts out so much of the world. Sitting on a lovely veranda near a river or ocean is definitely inspiring.

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re: writing in the tropics

I fully agree that it gets uncomfortable to shop in the afternoon when the sun is at its mightiest. However being an avid traveller you'd have noted that in parts of Asia, night markets are great for dining and shopping for souvenirs. If you take in the scene,  especially with the sunset in the background, you will also be inspired to write or think. 

As a writer, the heat is the last thing on my mind. It's the content and intent. When it does get too warm, a glass of juice with lots of ice helps. If it's too cold, a hot cappuccino is most welcome. 

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Throughout Asia the morning and night markets are the best, for certain. 

The heat does affect writing. It might not be the conscious concern, yet the afternoon is less productive. Better to write in the cool of the morning, or at night, although, as you point out, the night is better for collecting impressions than doing the writing.