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It isn't Italy Toto

So red room asked for a blog about Italy, which seems strange to a writer sitting in SE Asia working through the rainy season. My most recent memories of Italy date back to the early 70s and were only marginally refreshed by a friend sending me a link to a listing for property he would like to buy, a cottage, in Italy. Looking at the photos it was everything I recalled about Italy.. but I can't relate to it.

I came to Asia by choice, rather than being sent by a company, and part of the reason I prefer it is it lacks the homogeniety attacking Europe. I loved the diversity that once existed. I thrived on learning the exchange rates and being able to tell Francs from Lire. Now, as in the US, the desire to create unified markets has overwhelmed what I valued. There is no place for my sensibilities in a world that prefers mass marketing to charm. Asia has a lovely disorganized feel. Going from Thailand to Cambodia is a large change.

So diversity and I feel endangered and I cannot find any empathetic vibrations with Italy any longer.