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A lovely Saturday in Austin, Texas (said with some sarcasm).. warmish, windy, slate grey sky drizzling down rain.  A great dy to stay indoors and WRITE!

So, today I started a Scrivener project for 'Dead Rnger' and imported the initial text from Google Docs.  I'm going to finish the darn thing, then go back and do an edit/continuity pass, and chop it up into chapters.  Scrivener makes it easy to work this way, I really like it

Next up today is starting a Scrivener project for Threshold and importing my notes, world mythology, magic system, etc. into Scrivener.  I have an outline in mind that I'll set up, then see how much of the existing text will fit.  That'll give me a nice framework to build on.

I need a Scrivener project for a few other things, but I don't want to push it too hard this weekend as I should be taking care of my broken foot (oww) and generally recovering from an obnoxiously stressful week.

By the way, I love Scrivener - glad there's a Windows version.  It's incredibly powerful and flexible and makes managing a ton of notes, charafter sheets , links, research, and odds and ends a LOT easier than trying to wrangle the whole mess in OpenOFfice or GoogleDocs.