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Wrapped Attention

Ok, I've finished the first draft of "Wraped Up (flash fiction) and I'm going to go ahead and post it.

It's my first real attempt at horror/weird fiction, and so far feedback is mostly positive (except one person wanted more sex, geesh).  Under 1000 words, it's a quick read and is hopefully entertaining.

From start to finish it took about 2 hours to write, plus half an hour for a slow first edit pass to clean it up a bit.

I'll let it sit now while I go back and revisit "Wings", then "Dog Gone", for a second edit pass.I've discoverd that a day or two away helps me come back with a fresh mind and find things I didn't before.

I'm going to have to find different readers eventually, friends are nice but in the absence of any negative feedback at all (except for the lady that wants more sex in everything) it's nott really helping me grow as a writer. Argh!