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When it rains, it floods! Or.. crikey what a life!

Ok, once again it's been forever plus or minus a few days between blog posts.   There's been a lot of water under the bridge, the bridge washed out, and was rebuilt from stone instead of wood (heh).

The short story: stepped on a piece of glass that cut thrugh my shoe, got infected, went to hospital, diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic, some surgery, sent home.  Got re-infected (grr!), back into E.R., this time it got into the bone on the left foot, ended up with 2 smallest toes lopped off (argh).  Now wearing normal shoes and all healed up PROPERLY this time, but with a rather annoying limp and sometimes needing a cane for balance (meh).  Housemate blew breaker in place, decided to fix it by hammering on the breaker until it arced, then turned on electri oven to heat whole house which overheated already overloaded wires and caused a fire, living room burned up, but thankfully none of my stuff was torched (dishonorable housemate not so lucky, hoory for karma).  He got tossed out, I got a temp room, and just tonight will I be finally moving BACK into my old room after major reconstruction.

Oh, and I caught a cold, but that's so minor and trivial that it hardly rates a mention.

So, back on the writng front: I could just NOT get past 30,000 words on "Dead Ringer".  I like the plot, I like the characters, but I found it impossible to get beyond this pestiferous barrier.. I finally decided it was because I had started it as a NaNoWriMo project and not as a "I feel compelled to write this" thing, so for now I've shelved it (not tossed, NEVER toss 30K words) and have started research for the first in a trilogy of novellas I have in mind.  It's a fantasy series, and I've developed my own world, magic system, mythology etc. to support the story.  I have the general plot arc for each novella and the overarching plot arc in outline, as well.

As things settle down (oh PLEASE let things settle down), my word output should increase.  I'v eliminated a great deal of extraneous crud from my life so far, and will just focus on writing, music, and 3D art (in that order).  This years theme is SIMPLIFY!

I hope everyone out ther eis having a great 2013, and congradulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse!