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Going back over the one piece of weird fiction  I'm working on, I noticed that my language became, shall we say, somewhat florid.  In fact I had one of my test readers complain that she needed to have Google open while reading so she could understand what the heck I was saying!

To a certain extent I'm kind of leery of "dumbing down" my writing to reach an expanded audience.  But on the other hand, I do have a distinct tendency to become textually baroque, so possibly it's not so much a dumbing-down process as making it a more enjoyable read.

It's a long-standing issue.  when I was growing up, both my Mom and Dad were voracious readers.  They taught me the love of reading, and eventually they set up a sytem where I'd get a reward for learning so many new words a week (which worked admirably).

All these years later and I can't seem to shake that tendency to not just use, but abuse, my vocabulary.  I'm writing to tell a story and entertain, so making it read like a Lit majors doctoral thesis isn't going to help.

It's a lesson for me to learn.  Losing a reader will not serve the story.