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The Thick Plottens

It's a lovely weekend here in Austin, very mild temperatures, sunny, and somewhat breezy.  A great weekend to hole up and write!

I consider it quality time when I can put on the headphones, load up some appropriate music, and dive into Scrivener.  I have a few friends that on occasion suggest that I go outside, but I get plenty of that during the week.  I'm trying to spend as much time writing on the weekends as I can since it's pretty hard to switch gears from Engineer to Writer weekdays after work.

This weekend I'm working on the chapter outline, basic plot arc, and character list for 'Threshold'.  I have some older material I've written that I'm taking a lot from, so I'm organizing that aswell.

Everything I've written on the computer is now in Scrivener.  Hooray!  I really love Scrivener, it's incredibly powerful but doesn't get in the way when I want to Just Write(tm).

'Threshold' is the first in a trilogy, so the plot arc for this book is only 1/3 of what's going to happen in the cycle.  Theres room for a prequel if it takes off, as well, but by the end of the third book I want everything tied up and tidy.

Back to work! Plot, plot, plot.