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Serial, Killer

Eventually I'm going to run out of amusing titles, then I guess my career will be over.

Regardless, I've been reading some interesting stuff on Smashwords, an analysis of about 12 million bucks worth of book-selling.  Lots of info on what book lengths sell, how length of title and description affect sales, and how pricing affets sales and what prices sell best.  Fun and informative.

I've also noticed, after doing my own research, that series seem to sell pretty well if the first book is good.  I tend to see the same series popping up in the Top 100 over and over.  In fact, I've bough a few to see what they're like (pretty good writing, actually).

Now, I have a few series concepts kicking around and, in fact, are in the process of plot outline for the first book in a series.  It appears to me that it'd be a worthwhile approach to deliberately develop a couple of series and focus on them, for several reasons (like getting real familiar with your characters, developing a dedicated reader base, etc.).

One trick I've read about, and I'm seriously considering it as well, is to make the first book in the series free, and end it in a cliff-hanger!  Seems kind of unfair to the reader but it's a slick but nasty trick to get people to fork over99 cents or $2.99 (Smashwords sweet spots) for the next installation.

Serials seem to be a killer idea, and my preferred genres (noir detective fantasy, alternative fantasy, and occult horror) are well-suited to pitting a solid protagonist against multiple antagonists in wildly varying situations.

I just need to sit down and write (easier once Amazon delivers my writing chair and my Keurig K-cup coffee maker - yes, I broke down and ordered both).

With enough coffee, anything is possible!