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Re: Write

I'm finally putting some of what I've learned into practice with two flash fiction pieces I'm working on.  This has had some interesting side effects...

First, I find myself less afraid to rewrite things when I see they've gone bad.  If a big chunk would take longer to repair than rewrite, rewrite it!

Second,  I see that I still have an issue with too much telling and not enough showing that I have to be careful of.  A little more time spent thinking produces far better results.

And finally.. planning is not a bad thing for me.  Sitting down with a list of plot points removes a lot of idle think-time in midwrite, spo I can keep the flow going longer and with less effort.  I was afraid that too much planning would kill the more creative aspects of writing, but thankfully it doesn't.  Hooray!

So, while I don't have anything sharable yet, I'm definitely learning to write better prose.