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Research can be fun!

I'm working on the outline for a novella based in an alternate-world New Orleans, and I'm trying to learn enough about New Orleans, the culture, and Vodoun to make it at least semi-believable.  There are a pile of books on the history of New Orleans (I bought 2) and plenty of books on Vodoun and related practices (I bought 3).

New Orleans is a city rich on history and colorul characters.  It's a very diverse place with all kinds of interesting districts, not just the French Quarter.  Tons of fascinating background to draw from! Lots of ghost stories, haunted places, music, food.. a rich tapestry of themes.  I need to save up some cash to go visit, it's a cheap bus ride of several hours to get there rom here, and it'd make it a lot easier to write about if I actually visited.

Vodoun is interesting as well.  A different take on deities, and there is apparently a New Orleans-specific variant from what I've read so far.  Deinitely not just a wave-a-dead-chicken kind of operation. I'm going to put my own spin on the magic system, of course, but the basis for it will be New Orleans Vodoun.

Of course, explaining to my co-workers why I'm reading a book on Vodoun is, well, complex.  Most know that I'm a wannabe writer, but I'm pretty sure they're convinced I'm a lunatic now.  At least I don't have a doll and pins! Yet, anyway...

Until next time, write on!