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Ergo Gnomics

Not as in something gnome-like, but as in "my workspace needs work".

When I was only writing dribs and drags, it wan't such a big deal.  But now that I'm sitting down and writing for an hour or more, I've noticed some cramping in my shoulders.  And the longer I write, and the less time between sessions, the worse it's getting.

This is one of those things I never thought about until I experienced it.  At the office, I have a nice ergonomic chair, take frequent breaks, and have a perfect desk.  At home.. a small desk and a very un-ergonomic dining table type chair.

No wonder I'm getting shoulder cramps!

So, it's time to spend some money on a decent, comfortable chair for writing on the laptop.  Ugh.  There goes a pile of cash, but it should make my shoulders happy!

Until I can get a good chair - it's Tiger Balm.  Le sigh.  I smell like a hospital when  use it, but it does help.

Next on the purchase list: a K-Cup brewer to sit on my desk!  It's going to be heaven.

Until next time, write on!