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Closer It Comes, Step By Step

..although, truth be told, it's feet are dragging a bit.

Much writing done over the weekend, although it appears Dead Heir will end up in the short story range more than a flash fictin piece.  I've complicted the plot up a touch for a bit of a twisted ending, it should prove a good read all around.

Enshadowed is plodding.  I've been spending more time on Dead Heir, and Enshadowed is different enough that there's ger-shifting time and I haven't had a lot of that available.

Eating into my time is work (new product to ship, argh) and birthday planning.

I've taken my birthday off for the past 10 years and this year is no exception, I've taken 3 days of to make a 5-day birthday weekend to celebrate somehow managing to reach 54!  Darn, I'm old.  But I am planning on spending some of that time making a continuity pass over the outline for Threshold, and maybe throw more words into Dead Heir, so it's not all beer, chicken wings, and dancing girls.

Once Dead Heir is done, I'm going to post it here.  Hopefully in 3-4 weeks, we'll have a new piece up!