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Cheap Reads

In the world of freelance editing, apparently there's no such thing.

I had a great and informative talk via email and, while the rates for a full manuscript editing (double-spaced) aren't cheap, in the cosmic scheme of things they're affordable - under certain circumstances.

If I were going to pitch my work to a print publisher, or if I were certain I'd sell enough copies to recoup the cost, it would be a no-brianer.  Amortize the cost of the edit over about 500 copies and it's really nothing.

Here's where the return on investment thing cuts in.  It's my first long work, I'm an unknown author, and it's in a modestly crowded genre.  The likelihood that I'll sell 10 copies is pretty low, much less the 500 I'd need to break even on the edit.  It quickly stops making sense when I might end up having paid twice as much for the edit as I get from sales!  Ouch!

It would be educational, but not enough to justify the up-front cost.  Le sigh.

I'm definitely going to go with these folks if things take off, but for now, I just can't justify spending over $1000 on it.  My day job pays pretty well but still, that's a large chunk of change.

Back to studying my self-editing books!