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The Deaf Are The Most Longing To Hear

A blog post spawned by a response to a previous posting about the comparison of deficiet spending between the two-party rule 43rd Presidency and the fledgling one-party rule 44th Presidency ...

Dennis Shay says:

Ed, great summary.

but you're using the wrong venue. Your dire warning is mostly falling on deaf ears in RR.

Wed, 03/25/2009 - 8:26am


Thanks for your concern but if one more mind hears, then we all get a little less hurt.

You know, it isn't Left Vs Right ... Democrat Vs Republican anymore!

The political fight in this country is really between those who are aligned with Total Government - TG (Totalitarianism, Communism, Fascism, Dictatorship) and No Government - NG (Anarchy). Sadly, both Democrats and Republicans are way to the left of what would be a center point between these two extremes.

The Constitution of the United States, for example, structures a Government that is way closer to Anarchy than the center point between Total Government and No Government.

This is how far our country has drifted away from its core values found in the Constitution.


TG    DEM   REP                center          Constitution     NG

It really is about all of us treating each and every individual, as we find them, with personal freedom and respect.

If you question the logic of this proposal, then all one needs to do is ask ---

"Is this a country by the people, for the people (as it says in the constitution) when the largest spending bill in the history of the nation is put to a vote, through a forced compressed time procedure, before anyone (legislator or citizen) has enough time to actually read the legislation?" 

"Is this a country by the people, for the people when the legislators are considering a law that forces the elimination of a secret vote in the work place?" - what is next, laws to abolish any secret vote anywhere there are powerful forces that want to force their will on others?

What is happening in this country is that the Constitution is under assault and people's personal freedoms are not given any value by the people who are elected to protect them ... as guaranteed by the Constitution (this nation's founding and forming document).