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Edie Meidav's Books

LOLA,CALIFORNIA, the new novel by Edie Meidav (comes out July 5, 2011)
You have an old friend who holds, in amber, all the possibilities of who you were supposed to become. Together, as teenagers, you shared a criminal joy. What happens when you have been looking for her and find her, finally, in later life? You're a lawyer and she has a father on death row. LOLA, CALIFORNIA plays out within the dystopia of California, asking whether in our age we can...
Crawl Space
It's 1999 and Emile Poulquet awaits sentencing in a Paris court for deporting thousands to almost certain death during World War II. Yet haunted by ghosts from his former life, and determined to confront his dark legacy, he escapes and heads toward his beloved Finier, a rural town in the south of France where he once served as prefect. His return will have explosive consequences....
The Far Field
In her debut novel, Edie Meidav tells the tale of Henry Fyre Gould, a self-described anti-missionary who travels to Ceylon from the spiritualist salons of 1930s New York City. Driven by an arrogant faith in his ideals, Henry settles in the village of Rajottama, intent on establishing a model society built on the lost truths of Buddhism. Instead of a utopian village, he slowly finds...