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My Work Today Involved Science, Writing... AND PIRATES!
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Pirate Medicine?

Above all, I'm a writer, of course.  But I have an interest in many of the sciences as well, and have published nine editions of my book series called "EasyTerms" that help students to learn scientific terminology.


Recently, I started a new blog that is, of course, free.  It's called "Scientific Words of the Week."  I post a new word or term each Wednesday and Saturday, along with a definition and some additional information.  The term today (January 6, 2010) was "scurvy," so the posting naturally included references to vitamin C, citrus fruit, etc.  And, for dramatic effect, I managed to work in a mention of pirates, and a hearty "arrrr, matey" for good measure!


Someone long ago told me a story about a poor old mule who wouldn't do what he was told -- wouldn't move at all, actually.  (I feel obligated to say before going on that I don't approve of any cruelty to animals.)  I don't remember all of the details of the story, but the mule was punished harshly until he finally began to move.  The final line of the story -- and the moral, I suppose -- was, "First you have to get their attention."


Sadly, it's very hard to get noticed on the internet.  Please, someone go get me a mule.



-- Ed Creager