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EasyTerms Terminology Guidebook for College-Level Biology

While working on my new blog ( "Scientific Words of the Week"), something got me thinking about the various uses for my "EasyTerms" book series. If you're writing fiction and want to have characters who seem knowledgeable about Biology (or Nursing, Anatomy, Medicine, Nutrition, Botany, Zoology etc.), it's easy to flip a few pages of a small, paperback book to find terms (quickly) that a biologist would use, along with a concise definition so you can use the word in context. This "lingo" adds believability to fiction. Having one or more of my books can help you write the way these professionals sound without having to study medicine (or whatever) for years. (I realize there are many other sources for this material, but the EasyTerms books are small, lightweight and affordable.)

Here's a more explicit example. Suppose you're writing about a murder and you have a character who is the Medical Examiner. You could look in either the Nursing edition or the Human Anatomy and Physiology edition to quickly find a term like, "synovial fluid" along with a brief definition (17 words for this term) so you can use it in context. So, you could end up with either of these two sentences in your book, depending on whether you have a quick-study book handy:


"The M.E. saw that stuff had accumulated near the point of injury to the shoulder."

-- or --

"The M.E. saw that fluid had accumulated near the point of injury to the shoulder, and remarked, "The loss of synovial fluid helps explain the cartilage damage."

As some of you know, there are nine editions of EasyTerms (so far), and you can get to them from the links shown below. As of today, January 9, 2010, ALL OF THEM ARE ON SALE for 28% Off the list price.

You can see all of them listed here:  http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?ATH=Ed+Creager

Also, please feel free to contact me at ew_creager@yahoo.com if you have any questions, etc. And, the blog I mentioned at the top is easily found online.

-- Ed Creager

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