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Fairfax, Virginia
Dec 2009

I have a degree in data processing that mostly collected dust for several decades because I was born to be a writer, not a "data processor."  I live in Fairfax, Virginia, and I have had published nine editions (so far) in my series on scientific terminology called, "EasyTerms."  I've also had published, "The Money-Saving Idea Book."


All of my books are available from at least two major online booksellers.


I'm introducing a new blog -- "Scientific Words of the Week" -- starting January 2, 2010... and it's at:  http://ScientificWords.wordpress.com



More information about all of these is at my site:  http://ApplecreekBooks.weebly.com


Other writers should feel free to contact me at ew_creager@yahoo.com -- and I wish everyone the greatest success with their projects!

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