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Angelica Petite

Angelica Petite -

She's so sweet

With her wide, twinkling eyes

And her hair nice and neat.

When she speaks you hear angels singing from the heavens.

She graduated from charm school, with honors, at the age of seven.


Her smile will make your heart melt

With her sparkling, white teeth;

But there's another side to Angelica Petite.

Better stay out her way

When she's driving the streets.


"MOVE IT, GRANDMA!" Angelica snarls

As she zooms by Mrs. Brown and her husband, Carl.


"OUTTA MY WAY!" she roars at Mr. Concord

As he cruises down the street in his little, blue Ford.


When she arrives at the corner of First and Maine,

Angelica Petite goes insane.


She yells at her own Aunt Myrtle. 

I guess poor Angelica forgot that her dear Aunt Myrtle -

Is a cop.