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Short Story
Chapter 1 •  •  • Fort Walton Beach, FloridaJuly 21 Breakfast today was an apple, a bright-red Macintosh, and Dr. Carol Mayer bit into it with the aggrieved attitude of a hungry woman deprived of a decent meal.  It made a satisfyingly crunching sound, and tasted delicious and sweet. But it was still an apple, and as such a woefully insufficient substitute for a...
Short Story
From VIRGINS AND MARTYRS: An Aria Quynn Novel (Five Star, April 2008)
Virgins And Martyrs: Chapter 1 The uniformed Sheriff’s deputy waved me forward, and I edged carefully around a Lexus that partiallyblocked the oncoming lane. Its driver’s-side door was winged out, left open as if in a careless discourtesy. As I passed, I could see that it had locked bumpers with the car in front, a blue Toyota that wasitself angled hard against...