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Starbucks, Guns and The School Shooting

Probably inadvisably --and certainly against my own instincts, given the understandably passionate (and sincere) emotions in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy being published by so many of my Redroom.com and Facebook friends-- I'm publishing on this page a one-time-only reprint (below) of FB friend Rich Le Cropane's posting and my own initial comment.

It may not be "liked" by many of my own Redroom or FB friends, but it seems somehow cowardly NOT to publish it, even at the risk of some Faithful Readers no longer being either "faithful to" or even "readers of" this site or my Facebook page.

*** NOTE: there will be no further dialogue of this issue here; any readers who want to follow the discussion, make comments of their own (pro-or-con, 'cause I'll delete 'em if you put them here; it's too painful, and too soon, for me) or otherwise participate... well, I recommend you Facebook-"friend" Rich, go to his page and participate in the wider discussion there. ***

RICH: From Kai Risdahl on Marketplace: "There are more places to buy a gun in the United States then there are Starbucks cafes in the entire world. If this isn't the time to talk about gun control, when is?" And that's just counting the "legal" places registered with ATF. The guy selling SNS's out of his trunk isn't in that number.

EM: And of course, if all you want is a cup of coffee, you can get that just about anywhere, too.
Emotions are running high --mine among them, with an overwhelming sadness over this tragic event-- and it would be comforting to join those who are sincerely saying "DO SOMETHING!"
Disarmament has always been the initial reaction to weapon-related outrages-- but a unilateral disarmament through legislation (in effect, passing a law that the armed lawless, armed insane or armed evil among us would ignore) seems less than fully-considered.

Were one to promote the wholesale incarceration of the autistic --the latest media-diagnosis of the Sandy Hook shooter-- I would doubt the effectiveness of that approach, also.

I have no easy answer to offer; but I'd caution that nobody else does, either.