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Of Flyin' Boats & Buckets O' Boiling Tar...

A radio spot just now from the fine folks who issue boat licenses in the Land O' Lincoln:

"So you want to know if you are required to pay a fee to operate your boat on state lakes and waterways? Here are a few questions to answer:

"Does your boat fly south for the winter? Do you have a beak? Are you covered with feathers?"

(sigh) Look, I know you guys charge for a boat registration. Just tell me how much it's gone up --again, THIS year-- and I'll send you the flippin' check.

But lay off the smart-ass'd, taxpayer-paid advertisements, eh? We already know job-secure bureaucrats have the whip-hand in these matters; I don't particularly need an arrogant ad that only makes me want to reply in the same recent, quite succinct quote of John Boehner to Harry Reid. (link at http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/boehner-responds-reid-go-f-yourself_693476.html )

So instead of a quote from Da Speaker, let me sequentially reply in my own --not quite as satisfying-- words:

1. "My boat is, sadly, flightless; as am I, or I'd have flown out of this freakin' state long ago."

2. "Not one as impressive as that which you guys constantly stick up my... uh... stick in my business."

3. "No. But after I find my bucket of boiling tar, perhaps you can tell me how it would feel."

-- Earl Merkel