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Of Einstein, "Insanity" & Debt...

Just out of curiosity, why is "well, that's how it's always been done in the past" considered a fuddy-duddy, Neanderthal position to so many "forward-thinking" folks... until it is used by, say, those supporting (yet another) national debt-ceiling-rise proposal?

To be honest --heck, even to be "fair" -- I'm just not seeing the usual tidal wave of Einstein quotes (specifically, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results") that usually clog the Internet during debates involving change.

But when so many informed voices --possibly including the Wall Street Journal, tho perhaps I'm stretching the definition of "informed" here-- lament, with apparent nostalgia, how raising the debt ceiling "used to be routine" ...well, quite possibly I don't know the current definition of "routine."

But I did look up "expedient," and that seems to cover the relative silence re: Mr. Einstein's musings.

This time, at least.

-- Earl Merkel