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NPR Urges Listeners "To Make More Babies," All Things Considered...
npr go make babies.jpeg

After decades of touting "Zero Population Growth," it seems that National Public Radio has decided that the problem is not "too many" babies... but just the wrong kind. What we need, it seems, are more babies who will grow up to be NPR listeners.

Can't wait for the next Pledge Drive. For a $50 donation, you'll get a liter of fine wine and a dozen roses. For a $100, you qualify for the Premium Package of fertility drugs and a prescription for Viagra.

And the lead-in music "bumper" for All Things Considered will now be a Barry White song...

-- Earl Merkel

(Full story at: http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/01/new-ad-campaign-from-npr-calls-on-listeners-to-have-babies/ )