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Miss Marple Makeover: Young, Hot & Sassy

NEWS ALERT: Riding the success of turning Sherlock Holmes into a modern-day 30-something (in the BBC-TV version) the next fictional detective to get a full-body makeover is Agatha Christie's Miss Marple... soon to be portrayed by Jennifer Garner

I am now awaiting announcement of a cut-and-buff Nero Wolfe starring The Situation of Jersey Shore fame (with, perhaps, sidekick Archie Goodwin portrayed by a female hottie-- likely, Paris Hilton); an updated Maltese Falcon, with Sam Spade played by LaVar Burton as a present-day South Side Chicago private eye who moonlights as a community organizer; and the return of Kojack, set in Hawaii and starring both Justin Beiber --and his new hairstyle-- in the title role. 

--Earl "Is This What They Call 'Must-Flee' TV?" Merkel 
Jennifer Garner to Take Miss Marple from Biddy to Badass 

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple was conceived as the ultimate soft-boiled detective: She’s a tweed-clad spinster whose advanced age and powers of human insight provide the source of her talent for cracking seemingly unsolvable crimes. Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, made a name for herself on TV’s “Alias” and in subsequent action films including “Daredevil” and “The Kingdom,” bringing bad guys to justice deploying her kung fu death moves and mental acuity. 

However, even though Garner may seem more at home sporting tank tops than tartan, today’s news that she’s signed on to play Miss Marple in Disney’s reboot of the Agatha Christie series is not the head-scratcher it may seem at first glance. At her best, Garner, who grew up in a strict and devout West Virginia household, has always imbued her performances with a combination of grace and propriety — rare qualities in any contemporary screen presence and ones that seem poised to translate well to bringing the buttoned-up Miss Marple into the new millennium. 

This modernized version of Christie’s popular series has shaved a few decades off the amateur detective’s age; in the book and previous film adaptations, she has always been cast as a grandmotherly type (think: Angela Lansbury) who is surprisingly unflappable in the face of gore and man’s capacity for evil. Though Brits like Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter might have been more obvious choices, there is something refreshing about the prospect of watching Garner bring her Southern Belle charisma to the busybody detective. 

The other strong influential factor here is the success Warner Bros has had reinventing “Sherlock Holmes” for mainstream moviegoers by casting a familiar American actor like Robert Downey Jr. in the lead. Jude Law (who plays Watson in the franchise) seems born to play the role of Sherlock, but there’s something more compelling about watching Downey stretch and contort himself to fit Holmes’ refined contours. Here’s hoping the same can be said of Garner’s Miss Marple. 

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same old, same new?

What ever happened to the conventional wisdom: "if it ain't broke don't fix it?"

Jennifer is oh so easy on the eyes, but part of Ms. Marple's appeal is the fact she isn't, which leaves her nearly invisible, a point she makes on occasion, as in "nobody notices old ladies." You're right. A svelte Nero Wolf, a polite Mike Hammer, and a conniving Perry Mason will be next.

Mark it up to venal iconoclasm, I suppose.


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Mickey Spillane's Re-Write...

(chuckle) I can't wait to hear the "new" Mike Hammer say, "I am the evil that talks it over rationally with the other evil, so the meek can fairly share the world."

And then invites the bad guys out for a mocha-latte.

--Earl "I, The Committee" Merkel