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Li'l Kim (Not The Rapper) & A Stern Warning...

Really? Have we fallen so low that we have to put up with this sort of cow-scat... without, at minimum, John Kerry bent over a televised lectern laughing uncontrollably?


"North Korea warns U.S. forces of "destruction" ahead of war drills"

STORY AT:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/23/us-korea-north-idUSBRE91M05220130223

-- Earl Merkel


(POSTSCRIPT:  Upon re-read, I sincerely apologize for the horrific image I may have inflicted upon Faithful Readers with the phrase "John Kerry bent over a televised lectern."

I'm sure we all have nightmares enough as it is.

What with all that "miserable destruction" looming, and all. -- EM)