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Lap THIS Up, Fellow-Journalists...

I must confess to no small degree of guilty pleasure, as I watch my fellow newsies struggle with the issues raised by the current NSA "whistle-blower" story: on the one hand, the guy blew a whistle (and that's how we find a LOT of our stories); on the other, it reflects poorly on who has oft been acknowledged by media-folk as "our" President.

C'mon, fellow-journalists. I've often chided us, as a profession, for abandoning that "impartial news coverage" -thing they mentioned back in j-school.

<sigh> To reiterate: This is why it's important to view ALL politicians with an aggressive skepticism: you do nobody --not the public, not even "your" guy-- any favors when you turn lapdog-tame. Had you been looking (and reporting) as hard as you did when the Incumbent was NOT your personal favorite, you might well have short-stopped all this stuff before it got to where it now has.

Get off the lap --ANY lap-- and get back to work.

It's why we're the only non-government profession that has specific protection (and a defined role) in the Constitution, okay?

— Earl Merkel

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A 'Cautionary Note' from FAITHFUL READER ELISABETH...

From Faithful Reader Elisabeth (via Facebook): It's very sad that we have to surf channels watching multitudes of news casts to get the news, because each one has an agenda, none of which seems to be investigative reporting. It irks to think they all pick and choose what they cover. What has happened to real news journalists? Are they in fear of their job, and bidding their Corp boss's views? It is sad that $$ controls all, including our free speech. I better watch out or my social media will get flagged - lol

EM Response: (grin) You think YOU got problems, Elisabeth? As I pen potentially inflammatory posts (like this O! So Wise! -effort), I'm trying to sell copies of my new thriller, FIRE OF THE PROPHET. Oh, yeah-- I'm a Genius at marketing, eh? As a deathbed-bound Voltaire may (or may not) have said, "This is no time to be making new enemies." Alas!

Response from Faithful Reader Elisabeth: You know what they say about honesty, right?

EM Response: I believe so: "Thank you for the additional fines and jail-time for Contempt Of Court, your honor. As for your kind offer to 'just keep on talking,' I think I'll just keep my big mouth shut from now on."