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Carry A Halloween Goodie-Bag? No: Go As One...
balls brazil testicular C mascot.jpeg

Brazil's most popular Halloween costume this year answers the literary question: "Who was Honoré de Balzac?"

(Disturbing image kicked (hard) to this page from La Comédie Humaine-lovin' FB page of friend Lori Hays, via this article-link that explains all: http://digitaldeconstruction.com/meet-balls-disturbing-testicular-cancer...)

— Earl Merkel

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Balzac Blues...

  • As a sidenote, as far as "mascots" go, I'll bet'cha "Washington Redskins" is looking a lot better to the folks who were, only recently, pretty outraged about it.Tho, "Washington Balzacs" has a refined, cultured ring to it, eh? And what a swingin' halftime show to be had, no?
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A Reasonable Compromise...

But --in the spirit of compromise that is SO reflective of our nation's capital-- I'm willing to consider "Washington Foreskins."

It retains the short-hand tradition ...wow: that just sounds wrong... of folks cheering "Go, 'Skins!"

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Upon Further Review...

Upon further review... lemme retract that.