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Candidate For Week's Worst-Conceived Idea

A South Carolina animal-rights group built a remote-controlled surveillance drone to take aerial video of alleged offenses; so far, so good.

However, their choice of venue and event for the drone's maiden flight was somewhat less well thought through, as reported in the local newspaper:

Steve Hindi, president of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), said his group was preparing to launch its Mikrokopter drone to video what he called a live pigeon shoot on Sunday when law enforcement officers and an attorney claiming to represent the privately-owned plantation near Ehrhardt tried to stop the aircraft from flying.

"It didn't work; what SHARK was doing was perfectly legal," Hindi said in a news release. "Once they knew nothing was going to stop us, the shooting stopped and the (pigeon hunters') cars lined up to leave."

He said the animal rights group decided to send the drone up anyway.

"Seconds after it hit the air, numerous shots rang out," Hindi said in the release. "As an act of revenge for us shutting down the pigeon slaughter, they had shot down our copter."

H-m-m-m... sending a flying object over a hostile group of armed & angry marksmen whose expertise includes shooting down... flying objects?

Some may call it "flawed strategy;" others, an open invitation to impromptu target practice.

--Earl "Pigeon Drop" Merkel

Full story at http://thetandd.com/animal-rights-group-says-drone-shot-down/article_017a720a-56ce-11e1-afc4-001871e3ce6c.html#ixzz1mhHz2RE1