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Blithe Hearts & Nuclear Stand-Offs...

From our "What, ME Worry?/Careful Bureaucrat-Speak Subcategory" -files:

"So we do not operate on the assumption that they have that fully tested, developed capacity."

"We are all united in the fact that North Korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power."

—U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry, "rejecting" a report by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, one of the 17 bodies that make up the U.S. intelligence community, as saying it had "moderate confidence" that North Korea had developed a nuclear bomb that could be fitted on a ballistic missile.

Pollyanna had, I believe, a similar philosophy. I'm sure Thoughtful Minds concur that "fully tested" and "demonstrated" are essential components in considering diplomatic strategy, say, or lunatics shooting off untested and/or previously undemonstrated capabilities in war-making technologies.

Certainly, "not accepting" things --a nuclear status, let's say, or "moderately confident" DIA intel reports-- flatly ends the discussion anyway.

And hey-- Kerry may be right. No WMD were found in Iraq, y'know.

Still, I harken to that marvelous Gabriel Byrne quote from the excellent film "Miller's Crossing," where Byrne's Tom Reagan says:

"I'd feel less concerned if I knew you felt MORE concerned." 

— Earl Merkel


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Accuracy Is Everything. Almost.

BTW, I confess that I've probably mangled the wording of the actual Byrne/Reagan quote (tho the gist of it is accurate).

It will have to remain "STET." Only an out-of-control obsessive would dig out the Miller's Crossing DVD and fast-forward to the scene in question.

I don't have the time: I'm too busy counting the number of tiles on my kitchen back-splash, and cannot be distracted until I get 'em to come out to an even number. Or the world ends, whichever comes first... — EM