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"And We'd Haf'ta BURY Him, Too!"

Just heard an appalling radio spot: a young lad, to his mother--

"Mom, what if something happens to Dad?"

"What do you mean, son?"

"Well, Bobby's dad died, and he wasn't even sick. They had to move!"

Since the ad then went into its insurance pitch, I waited in vain for the "mom's" only rational reply: "Son, if that's your biggest concern in such a circumstance, Dad and I have raised a monster."

-- Earl Merkel

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A friend recently criticized me for buying my adult daughter a Christmas present. 

"You're setting a bad example," she admonished.

I didn't respond.  She continued.  "She's an adult.  You should be using your money to buy things for yourselves."

Fools beget fools.


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Jane, I admire your sense of charity, as in "A friend etc."

(grin) But if you're just reportin' accurately, I'd have to question your choice of friends. Me, I'd use my money to join a club where I might meet a better class of folk.

Might I suggest this motorcycle-gang-cum-writer's-group I'm promoting heavily these days? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=345839825515321&set=a.252273821538589.54425.100002679206219&type=1&theater

One bonus: you get to select your own club-moniker.

Another: we could, as a group-in-solidarity, have a little discussion with your "friend."   --EM

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Benefits Paperwork...

Excellent! I'll alert our Group Bail Bondsman Program administrator re: your interest, and I have no doubt he will be in touch with the paperwork. (After a criminal background check, of course, to ensure your rap-sheet meets all criteria.)

As for your moniker-patch, should the embroidery read "Groucho" or "Marx"?