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And Han Solo Looks Like Indy Jones

Recently, I posted an IMHO re: the eerie similarity of Julian Assange and Neil Patrick Harris  (see below blog "Barney & Wikileaks Leaker.")

 Princess Leia agrees...

<chuckle> One of my many obsessed fans --okay, so maybe there's only one-- alerted me this morning to the following video... 

...wherein the Princess (Carrie Fisher) and comic Collin Quinn spontaneously make the self-same observation regarding the now-notorious Wikileaker and the actor who portrays "Barney" on CBS' How I Met Your Mother and is the former child-star of "Doogie Houser, MD".


Here's the video clip: 


Ah, vindication! Or, at minimum, I've found two other souls whose perception is as skewed as mine. Thank you, Carrie Fisher and Mr. Quinn! 

--Earl "Seeing Double... Again" Merkel