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An Ounce --Okay, A Coupl'a Pounds-- Of Prevention...
The Author At Work...

For the duration of the current flu outbreak, I have a new uniform-of-the-day-(&-night). My Redroom profile photo has now been updated to reflect this heightened sense of caution.

Really, Faithful Readers-- g'wan. Tell me you aren't thinking the same flippin' thing.

-- Earl Merkel


(POSTSCRIPT: And, no-- I'm sorry, but my underground bunker is already full. --EM)

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A Shout-Out "Thanks!" To Randall Flagg...

 I am madly thumbing thru "The Stand" for advice on how to run my post-Apocalyptic realm. Y'know, that Walkin' Dude was ahead of his time, insight-wise. -- EM

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'Stand'-ing With Serling...

From Reader Morgan (via Facebook): "I've had Post Apocalypse fantasies since I was 12 or so. It's too bad they are so highly impractical. An empty world would be awesome for about 30 minutes or so."

EM Response:  Millions (?) of "Life After People"-fans beg to differ (tho I'd agree. Especially if --stand by for Twilight Zone reference-- I broke my reading glasses.)

*** LAP link: http://www.history.com/shows/life-after-people

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Revenge Of Rod-Fans...

Okay, okay-- in response to anguished TwiZone Faithful Readers, here's the link to "Time Enough At Last."  (grin) What, youse guys never heard of doing your own freakin' Google searches??? *** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8lF4TS-BgQ