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Men are dogs. So are dogs.

(Cartoon courtesy of Whyatt.)

-- Earl Merkel

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"And I, for one, won't stand here and listen to America dissed"

URGENT LEGAL NOTE: On another of my posting-venues, I just had a Faithful Reader --okay, probably now a "former Faithful Reader"-- object to this as "offensive."

Upon advice of my attorney --who is both a Constitutional scholar mindful of "redeeming social value" criteria (and a devious li'l SOB)-- I append this:

"IMHO, the cartoon in question effectively posits the objectification of women in today's society, as well as presents a symbolic analogy for the mindless Quest For Gratification of a significant sub-set of American males in general." 

G'wan, ex-Faithful Reader: walk all over the First Amendment, why don'cha?

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Sweet Land Of Jeopardy...

The same XFaiReader responded: "Slick. Pretty cynical too in my opinion."

EM Response: Glad to know you're still faithfully reading, FR; I was worried.

But also upon advice from the aforementioned attorney --have a heart, folks; this guy sends an invoice even if I just phone to say 'Happy Birthday'-- I assure you my previous appendage, so to speak, sincerely reflects both my opinion and my intent. P'on my word; cross my heart, even.

America: what a great country, eh?  --EM

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Waiting For Alphonse To Get Thru...

From Faithful Reader Tim (via Facebook): "The door through which Americans allow humor to enter their lives gets narrower every day."

EM Response: Personally, I blame it on the Obesity Epidemic and Relativity Theory, Tim.