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What a Great Leader is to Me

To me a great leader is someone who inspires others to work as hard, if not harder, than they do in any field of endeavor, whether it be business or personal.  This same person must also be willing to take risks in standing up for those around or working under them; able to listen to constructive criticism without their ego getting in the way.  They must also  have  a vision of where they want to take the country or their company or those around them.   It is in this area that I find the leadership of our country sadly lacking since the deaths of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, FDR, etc. 

I believe that you have to look to all dissidents, no matter what country they live in as great leaders since they have a vision and inspire others to follow them, with Nelson Mandela as a prime example.  I also believe that all small businessmen who build their businesses  from the ground up such as Steven Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft are  great leaders.  Even some writers such as Charles Dickens and Stephen King can be great leaders but not all writers, or all businesspeople, or all politicians or entertainers or even all dissidents can be great leaders.  In conclusion I believe that we need to cultivate the qualities we want in our society and in our leaders so that we have great leaders to lead us into a brighter, more hopeful future.